Saturday, July 18, 2015


This week I received a yoga challenge. My friend tagged me to #StopDropandYoga. Basically, challenges are like chain letters, except generally less annoying. I was challenged to take a picture of myself doing a yoga pose and then post it. Then when I’m done, I tag the person who tagged me and then challenge someone else. Since I love all things fitness and I look for any excuse to do yoga, I happily obliged.

I didn’t expect to get so excited for the opportunity but I did. Even though I’ve adopted a very active lifestyle, I still have to be intentionally mindful and present in my body. It was nice to have a reason to slow down and just be. I even noticed I intuitively chose heart opening poses. It’s almost as if my body wanted to seal a secret intention of my heart. It’s one thing to say you want to “be more open” and another to actually embody it. It felt liberating.

But what felt even better than the movement itself, was the community it created. A friend unexpectedly tagged me. I tagged a few other friends. They tagged their friends. All of us became a part of something bigger. I loved reading reactions to the challenge. Some initially rejected yoga as something they just don’t do. Others qualified their attempts before even trying. Either way the simple challenge sparked a dialogue. What if we all just came together and did something for the sole purpose of having a shared positive experience?
Whether you call it a random act of kindness, paying it forward, or #StopDropAndYoga, it’s all the same. It’s about spreading a little joy and light in an increasingly dark world. It’s about making someone smile and taking the time to witness all that they are. In a word, challenges like this are awesome. So, now I challenge you. Start something good and pass it on.

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