Sunday, July 19, 2015

Time to shine

It was only a matter of time. I should’ve seen it coming, but I honestly didn’t. I was perfectly content denying the inevitable. I’ve been singing on my praise team at church for a couple of years now. I made it clear from the beginning that I can carry a tune and sing with others. But I was in no way I soloist and had no desire to be. My worship leader thought differently and last week I was faced with my first solo ever.

Because I’m me, of course, I was terrified and anxiety-ridden the few days leading up to it. Would I choke? Would my voice crack? Would I lose my lunch? Would people expect me to sound a certain way and be disappointed to hear something different? Well meaning friends assured me if I can dance in front of a crowd, surely I could sing. I tried to explain that it’s completely different. Dance is my comfort zone and my primary gift. I joke that I am Debbie Allen when I’m dancing and no one can tell me anything. But I have nowhere near the confidence when singing. Yet, there I was, about to literally be in the spotlight with all eyes on me.
Obviously, this post is written in past tense, so I braved the experience and got through it. I did a decent job and people were graciously complimentary. It was, by no means, a flawless performance. I can continue to work on vocal support and smooth transitions. But for me, what was more significant than the solo itself was facing the fear of it head on and overcoming.
I have no illusions that I’m called to be a solo singer. But the experience got me thinking about how all of us will have “solo” moments in our lives. Each one of us will be thrust into center stage at one point or another. We will be asked to share what’s inside of us. Anyone who believes in purpose longs for that moment. We want to be great and we want to contribute something meaningful to the world. Often though, we get scared when the moment comes. We shrink back and hide and we miss our chance to share our unique voice. While I don’t think it’s best to clamor for the spotlight, I also don’t think running is the answer either. Basically, it’s like this. When it’s your moment, it will find you. You’ll be invited to face the music and lift your voice. And when you do, give it your all. That’s your time to shine.

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