Monday, August 17, 2015


Periodically I’ll get midday calls or texts from my friend who lives in L.A. In her typical storytelling fashion, she’ll set up an entire scenario where she’s crossing a busy intersection full of people and she’ll suddenly trip for no reason. She’ll add a sound effect to her stumble and highlight how everyone saw because it was at a stoplight. I always ask her, “So, your face didn’t get hot and you didn’t feel totally embarrassed?” She’ll just respond, “No, not at all. It’s just kind of like. Oops. Dang, I tripped,” and she keeps on moving. She feels virtually no embarrassment at all about this. She just shares it with me because it makes for a laugh-out-loud story. This is a far cry from me who feels my face flush when I trip alone in my apartment. It made me think about the idea of awkward and embarrassing moments in our social lives how to navigate them.

While I think there are many people out there in the world just like my friend who can laugh at themselves and not take things to heart, there are just as many of us who die a little on the inside anytime there’s the hint of humiliation. Perhaps we tend toward social anxiety. Maybe we just want to be liked more than the average person. Whatever the reasons, I find myself awkwardly stumbling through at times as I attempt to make new friends and deepen connections with acquaintances. Therefore, I thought it was time for a series on the embarrassing highs and lows of social interaction. My hope is that by the end maybe we can all learn to go easy on ourselves. If not, maybe at the very least, we can normalize how weird it is for most of us and learn some strategies for dealing when things get awkward. Stay tuned for the next installment of Awkward: Texting.

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  1. I am married to someone impervious to shame. You just can't embarass him. I long for that kind of self confidence b