Monday, January 25, 2016

Just take a seat

I normally don’t participate in the silly #ManCrushMonday stuff. If I did, my man crush would be the legendary Bruce Lee. I only have a general knowledge of his work. What I know about him though impresses me. How he moved his body alone made him a work of art. There was more to him though. It’s his philosophy that continues to live on and inspire to this day, especially his demonstration of stillness.

Take this scene from Enter the Dragon. Like I said, poetry in motion. He was really kicking butt for a while. However, if you wait for the ending, you’ll see that he gets captured. One by one, the walls close in on him and it becomes apparent there’s no way out. What does he do when there’s no way to escape? He sits down. To me, that act of sitting down demonstrated more skill and power than all fighting that preceded it. How many of us could discipline ourselves to sit and be at peace when life closes in? I can tell you that’s definitely not my first reaction.

Sure, I might appear relatively composed on the outside (at times). But I’m usually freaking out on the inside. I try to predict what’ll happen. I fuss, fight, and rage against a certain outcome. I expend needless energy resisting reality. Then, usually when I finally take a seat, it’s more like collapsing in surrender rather than holding my peace. Can anyone relate?

There’s a balance to this. A posture of peace isn’t passivity, nor is it resignation. It’s not about learned helplessness where you refuse to act when it’s in your power and expect someone else to save you. Rather, it’s the maturity to discern when to fight and when to be still and accept reality for what it is. Here’s the challenge. In my opinion, if you can master your soul you can master your life. Seek wisdom and understanding about when to stand up, when to move forward, and when to just take a seat.

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