Monday, January 18, 2016

Time to be gangsta

“You’re allowed 5 emotional minutes a day and then you’ve got to be a gangsta” (Unknown). I knew I liked this quotation as soon as I came across it. It resonates with me on so many levels. You see, I live in the feelings realm both personally and professionally. It’s part of what makes me an effective helper. I can discern the subtlest shifts and changes in people. I can anticipate how they might feel about something even if they don’t have the language for it. There is a downside to an empathic nature though. When you feel everything so intensely, when you are so sensitive all the time, then you end up hurting a lot. And it’s just not healthy for anyone.

When I saw this charge to, “be a gangsta,” I knew there was wisdom to it. Don’t get me wrong. You don’t want you to ignore and stuff your feelings down. There are definite consequences to blocking things out like they don’t exist. You just can’t live in your feelings as if they are 100% true. They’re not. I think we’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t believe everything you feel.” Again, there’s wisdom to that. Your feelings are valid. Your feelings matter. Your feelings are not, however, the entire reality of a situation. They are simply reactions to what you perceive in a given moment. Just consider how you feel differently once you perceive differently. If feelings can change that easily, can you really afford to place full stock in them?

I once heard it explained this way. Think of your feelings like a wave. They come up to the surface and then they go. When they come up and get stuck, then we have problems. So, here’s how we find balance. Leave room each day (5 minutes or more) to check in with yourself and make sense of what’s happening inside. Notice what you feel. Honor what you feel. Process it. Discuss it. Express it. Then, let it go. No more losing hours, days, or even weeks stuck in your feelings. It’s time to make moves. It’s time to be a gangsta.    

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