Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My almost entirely about me day

If you follow my blog, you know last time I wrote about my need for a therapeutic hour....basically, my own space and time to recover from life. While it's an honor to support others in their time of need, I was starting to feel like I need some me time. So, I took off from all three jobs, even my fun fitness job, and I dedicated a random Wednesday to self-care. Here's how my almost entirely about me day went.

I woke up refreshed after a rare nine hours of sleep. God graced me (yep, just me) with a sunny 75 degree day. I enjoyed every drop of my Starbucks grande vanilla latte before getting a professional massage. God bless massage therapists. I'm sure they can relate to mental health therapists in what it's like to give to others all day. But thankfully, it wasn't my responsibility to attend to her needs today. It was my time to indulge and I relished every minute of it.

I floated out of the massage school to my car preparing to do a mini shopping trip. I have a function this weekend and I wanted to get a couple of cute new outfits, also something I rarely do. When I glanced down at my phone I thought, Uh oh. I missed a call from one of my friends. Normally, I wouldn't have thought anything of it. But since I had missed two other calls from her this week, I figured something was up and she really needed to reach me. I hesitated to call back at first, to be perfectly honest. I felt bad, but if there was a crisis of some sort, I didn't want it to undo the woosah I had just attained from the massage. Then I thought, this isn't a client. It's my friend. She's nowhere close to being needy. So, if she's calling for support, it means she really needs it.

I went ahead and called her and I'm so glad I did. She was really upset about a professional issue that had gotten ugly. I could hear her fear and was totally present for her. Not only was I able to see her situation clearly and offer her wisdom, but it didn't take much energy for me to do so because I had just been recharged. We hung up. She was grateful. I was glad I made the time to support her. Then, I went on to the mall, found some classy and sassy items on sale, and went home. I took a nap. I later went for a run. I sat in quiet reflection. Finally, I sat down to write this blog.

Here's my conclusion. Unless you escape to a deserted island, you will probably never get an entire day of solitude. We live in community and that's a good thing. We are designed to both receive from others and give love to others. At times, we serve and other times we need to be served. We do not live solely for ourselves and yet, our individual needs are important. Living in community, as we all should live, is a beautiful system of interdependence. We simply need to steward the balance.

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  1. Days like these are non-existent after marriage and kids. For the love of God, cherish the solitude and ease of self - care.