Tuesday, March 15, 2016

These three words

I walked into work today and got a sobering message that a colleague passed away. Any loss is sad, of course. It seems especially upsetting when someone relatively young passes suddenly. She had only been ill about a month. Loss like that changes things. It offers a higher perspective.

My coworkers handled it so gracefully. We were all shocked and upset. We met together, prayed together, and cried together. I'm fortunate to work with other therapists. We're naturally good at being supportive and in tune with each other. And today, we all seemed to make it a point to chat a few minutes longer, leave our doors open between sessions, and offer crestfallen smiles through moist eyes, as if to communicate, "I see you every week. I'm glad you're here. I don't know you in a deep, personal way, but I appreciate you."

If my coworkers were anything like me, they also reached out to family and friends. That seems to be what people do in times of loss. I sent a group text to my mom and sister letting them know. I reached out to a friend in Florida. I even texted my brother. I love him dearly too, of course. Guys are just different. We don't call each other, but the love is understood.

But today, even though it's often a little awkward for me at times, I was a little more free saying these three words...sweet and simple...short and kind...I made it a point to tell people, "I love you." When was the last time your loved ones heard you say it? 

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