Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy Anniversary Gambrell Wellness

There’s something about the last two months of the year for me. It’s almost as if my personal season for change and renewal can’t wait for January 1st. I tend to get a jump start in November and December. I suppose that’s why I launched my wellness business one year ago and my blog three years ago this month. Since it’s a milestone and all, I figured it only made sense to dedicate my posts this month to my babies- my business and my blog. And since it’s Thursday, I see no better way to kick things off than a throwback post. Here is my very first entry. Pretty cool to see how amidst all the change some things remain the same.

Getting in the arena

I guess I’ll begin this blog like I did my very first tweet. This is me getting in the arena. I have long avoided social media. I’m not entirely sure why. I suppose I can thank my mom for instilling a healthy dose of paranoia in me- you know, those loving, cautionary reminders that anything you put in writing and on the internet is out there forever. While that is true and I think lots of folks need that reminder, what that message did for me was scare me into hiding. Now, I love my mom and I certainly don’t blame her for my reticence to enter the public forum. There’s a whole host of personal insecurities and life experiences that I can thank for that. What I will say is that it’s taken me a while, but now, as a 30 something year old woman, I’m ready to take a risk and be seen. I’m ready to share my ideas even if they’re critiqued. I’m ready to be my authentic self and hope to be rewarded with meaningful connections to other people.

So, who am I? I should probably mention I’m a professional counselor. That doesn’t make me an expert or a know it all, and no I’m not analyzing you. My profession does afford me a practical skill set of being able to connect, as well as offers insight into human nature. I’m also a Christian. Not a “Jesus on my neck-a-lace, -ace” (Ke$ha) kind of Christian, but a compassionate, sincere one. My faith informs everything in my life so that will be the underpinning of most of my posts. You were warned. 

Lastly, in this blog I hope to speak to soul matters, the stuff that gets us at our core. I'll offer stories and ideas that have inspired me. They might be sad and painful. They might also be funny and joyful.  I want to share ideas from the perspectives of both a friend and a co-journeyer. I want to meet people where they live. Most of all, I want you (whoever you are) to connect with my words and somehow, through the time and space that separate us feel seen, heard, and understood. It’s quite an ambitious endeavor but I’m up for it.

So until the next post, may you prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers and gets along well...(3 John 2).

Originally posted December 18, 2013 hence the Ke$ha reference.

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