Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bae's great, but give me Jesus

I just had the most refreshing time at my church’s women’s conference this weekend. Normally, I’m a little iffy about faith-based women’s events because so often they promote traditional roles that don’t really suit me. They can also unintentionally make singles feel like second class citizens. This weekend wasn’t about that though. It was just women of all backgrounds coming together to recharge and renew.

What I loved most was the subtle message I kept hearing from the married women. It didn’t just come from the platform speakers either. It came from the women I chatted with casually during the breaks. The message was yeah, they loved their husbands and families, but nothing replaced quality time with God.

I found this to be a pleasant surprise. So often we’re conditioned to think that marriage is the finish line. It’s a huge build up with a lot of expectations and if it delays or doesn’t happen, women are left feeling deficient. And if you do cross the finish, often you're thinking to yourself, this is it? That's why I’m so grateful for the married women who have the courage to burst that bubble for singles every chance they get. Yes, it’s a blessing, blah, blah, blah. But, married women still feel lonely, still feel discouraged, still daydream about what might be, and still hunger for a love that goes beyond the physical. We all do.

As I reflect today and get ready to post my love-themed blogs for the month of February, I can’t help but meditate on the beauty and depth of the human heart…how the layers of our soul are vast and unsearchable…how our longings surpass what any other being can provide. It's okay because no other human was designed to completely satisfy us. Therefore, keep dreaming, hoping, and evolving, no matter your state in life. My guess is if you asked your partnered friends if it’s really as amazing as it seems, they’d share their secret too: I mean, yeah, bae’s great and all, but give me Jesus.

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