Sunday, January 15, 2017

Why I love vision board parties

Last year I started a lot of new traditions, one of them being hosting a vision board party. Over the weekend, I had another one and it was just as awesome as the first. If you are new to vision boards, they are basically just collages of what you hope to see in the new year. I mean, I suppose you don’t have to do them in the new year, but I do since folks are already in a goal setting mindset. There’s lots to love about this kind of gathering but I’ll share some of the highlights.

You get to see progress

Like I said, if this becomes an annual ritual for you too then you get to see what materialized in your
life. Last year, my focus was all about motivating others to better health, being an entrepreneur and gaining clients. Amazingly, each one of those things happened. Even if the vision board wasn’t in the forefront of my mind every day, simply setting certain intentions helped me focus my energy in those areas. Pretty cool.

You get to be creative

Another great thing about vision board parties is that you get to be creative- like scissors and glue creative. How many of us do that as adults? But anyone who witnessed the year of the adult coloring book phenomenon knows the therapeutic nature of crafts. It’s not only a fun throwback to childhood; it’s also a powerful way to construct the life you want to live.

You get to eat

Vision board parties are also a great excuse to eat. In fact, have you noticed how anytime you include snacks in something it becomes a party? Even the simple ritual of breaking bread, helps us feel strongly connected to one another.

You get to connect

Which leads me to the best part of all…vision board parties are about connection. For one, how often do people really hang out in each other’s homes anymore? We barely see our immediate families, more less host friends in our homes. Not only that, but vision board parties also invite you to share deeply about your dreams for the new year. Conversations like that are rare in casual, how-are-you texts with people.

Are you sold yet? I’m telling you; it’s really amazing. You can definitely do a vision board on your own, but parties are so much better. Grab some friends. Who cares if it’s not right at the beginning of the new year? Host a party just for the fun of it and see how pleasantly surprised you are when your visions actually start to manifest.

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