Sunday, July 16, 2017

Weekend Wisdom from poop, play, and the platitudes of life

We’ve all heard the endless platitudes about mindful living: Be thankful. It’s the little things. Live in the moment. Just because they’re over-stated doesn’t make them any less true. In fact, several examples come to mind as I intentionally shift my focus from the aggravation to the awe of daily life.

1.     As I sip my coffee and write this post, there’s a corgi at my feet. She's been my house guest the last four days. For a full weekend, I was a dog owner (or at least watcher). Truthfully, I missed most of the joy of it because I let the stress consume me. The bodily functions, the 5am risings, the power struggles, the guilt, the barking, the doggy breath- all of that sucked to be honest. But then there were the times she’d be sweet, follow me around the house or put her furry face in my lap and my stern demeanor would soften. So, that’s what I choose to focus on today. For one weekend, it was Crista and a corgi named Nala. She taught me to take the bad with the good.

2.     Another thing I’m thankful for is my beautiful new home. A couple of weeks ago I did a local move. It was a big deal because I had been where I was for five years. But to save money, I decided to find something more affordable. Not only did a great spot fall in my lap, but it happens to be golf course adjacent. Every time I walk the neighborhood, I see rolling golf greens. I think of it as my glimpse of the good life. This gem never would’ve presented itself had I not been open to finding it. So, you know, blessings outside your comfort zone and all that.
3.     I had the privilege of hanging with not one, but two friends this weekend. As endlessly sappy as it sounds, there are few things in this world I cherish more than time with friends. I wish I had more of it to be honest, but I’ll appreciate what I have. I was blessed to share a great workout and conversation with one friend and an evening of musical theater with another. I don’t always tell people how much the time means to me, but internally I feel loved and nourished. For now, my connection tank is full and I will give thanks. What’s the saying? It’s not about what you do, but who you’re with? Facts!

I’m sure there are dozens of other gratitude gifts from the weekend- the reliable pleasure from a Starbucks vanilla latte, the thunderstorms that watered the earth and cooled the temps a bit, the new book I’m reading that reminded me of these mindfulness truisms to begin with. If we look for something, we can always find it. Let's challenge ourselves to find the beauty in the small moments. I’m going to end here and take the pup outside again. There might very well be more poop, but there will also be play and that pretty much sums up life, right?

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