Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Do you want to be well?

It comes down to this question. It doesnt matter how serious the issue. It doesnt matter how long youve suffered with it. It doesnt matter how many false starts or failed attempts youve had at addressing it. It doesnt matter whos supporting you or actively plotting against you. All wellness questions of life come down to this: Do you want to be well?

I admit, its a challenging question. Its confrontational and often upsets people and makes them defensive. Thats why I want to make crystal clear that Im not the first person to ask it. Jesus did. In context, he posed it to a man who had been disabled almost 40 years. John 5:6 tells us, When Jesus saw him lying there and learned that he had been in his condition for a long time, he asked him, Do you want to be well? Shouldnt the answer have been obvious? You see me at the healing pool? You see my condition? Would you want to be sick?

Yet, it is a fair question. There is no better BS detector than the Lord Jesus. He has a knack for getting straight to the heart of the matter. The reality is that some (read some, not all) deal with chronic issues because they dont really want to be well. They get sympathy for the sick role. They feel vindicated in their victimhood. They feel absolved from really showing up and trying in life because of whatever label or diagnosis theyve fused their identity with. I know, I know. Its a tough pill to swallow. But this dose of truth might be what finally heals you and set you free.

So, here we are kicking off the new year and I'm just as personally challenged as you are to consider this question. Whether its physical, emotional, or spiritual health you seek, the heart question that precedes it all is this: Do you want to be well?

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