Thursday, October 27, 2016

Birthday musings: Celebrate love

Last week I celebrated my birthday. I began my day with a simple prayer. “Lord, let me feel an abundance of love today.” It wasn’t that I’d been feeling unloved. It’s just that with each year that goes by it’s just tempting to look at what I don’t have instead of what I do. I guess I just silently wished for a little extra love so there was no room to feel lack. And boy, was God faithful to respond.

Touching messages poured in throughout the day from friends, family, and even students. Starbucks gave me a free drink. Good looking out Starbucks! I went to a yoga class where we gathered up love and joy and pulled it into our hearts. Then later, I got my hair and make-up done and wore a new dress to dinner with friends. It was a day of reflection, self-care, pampering, and friends. I really couldn’t have asked for anything more.

While there isn’t anything particularly deep about this post, I wanted to offer a simple reflection anyway. There are a lot of people in this world to love. When some connections transition or phase out, there are plenty more to fill your heart. And as one wise friend says, “One love doesn’t take away from another.” It’s true. The heart just has a way of expanding to make room for others. As you face various milestones in your life, try not to focus on those who are not as present as in years past. Don’t dwell on those who didn’t show up. Give thanks for those who did. There are always more people to love and that’s worth celebrating.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I've been up to something ;)

Hey guys,

I know it's been a while since I've written. My bad. I always feel guilty when it's been much more than two weeks since I've posted. I still have no sense of whether my audience is immediate friends and family members or if my audience has grown to thousands and I don't know. It doesn't really matter either way. If you follow me, I appreciate you and that's why I wanted to make sure I kept you in the loop about my silence. Here are a few things that have kept me busy.

Soul Food Sunday

This fall I started a weekly Facebook Live series on my business page. It's a combination of previous blog posts now in video form as well as new content. But basically, the "Soul Food Sunday" series is a weekly chat where I share about the things that affect our soul wellness. It's been really fulfilling to create those talks. I love sharing stories that might help people feel a little less alone in their experiences. Check out the latest post below:

Mailing List

Another thing that's kept me busy is building my mailing list. I wanted to have another way to stay in touch with my followers. A mailing list is great because I share a little bit more personally. It's also a way to give my loyal followers early access to what's happening with the company. If you haven't already joined, please do so. Be the first to know what's coming next. In fact, there will be an exciting announcement in next month's newsletter. Don't miss it!

Book Promotion

And, oh yeah, I published a book in July. It's my personal story of healing a broken heart through faith and fitness. If you've followed this blog from the beginning, you've taken the journey with me in real time. The book pulls everything together in a really cool way though. You can get your copy here and you can continue the journey on Instagram and Twitter:

Twitter @healmovebook
Instagram @healingthroughmovement

So yeah, it's been a busy time. That's why I've been so quiet on the blog. But don't you worry. I'll be back and posting more consistently very soon. After all, this blog has been the foundation of my entire brand. I'm grateful for it and I'm grateful for you. So, I'll be back very soon dear readers. In the meantime, please stay in touch through the avenues above and stay tuned for what's next!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fill me up

Friday I had the most delightful time connecting with my friend. It had been a hectic week that culminated with a mini meltdown Thursday. Nothing specifically bad happened. I was just overbooked and doing way too much and it finally came to a head. The week's obligations left me exhausted, depleted, with nothing left to give. After a week like that, you'd think that a four hour outing would be the last thing I'd want to do. But, it actually nourished my soul in the most unexpected way. Over drinks and heart-to-heart conversation with a friend, I felt myself fill up again.

I really enjoy this particular friend because even though she's in a relationship, she makes times for me. Props to the girlfriends that can stay balanced like that. Another reason I enjoy her company is because she's a natural storyteller. She can lead a conversation and give my introverted nature a moment to exhale. I don't have to exert energy to draw her out, nor do I feel a demand to match her energy or intensity like I do in some other relationships. There's just an organic exchange that gives both of us gentle permission to come as we are.

As we sat on the patio of an urban winery, sipping our wine flights, with a train periodically going by, time seemed to slow down. We discussed life, love, and relationships. She shared intimately and so did I. We spoke of how easy it is to love, but how much people complicate it. We talked about holding back parts of ourselves so as not to overwhelm others. And, as we've done so many times before, we bonded over having a similar heart, despite cultural and spiritual differences.

Want to know what I felt as we left our 5:30 meet up at 9:30? I felt full and I felt loved. When my head hit the pillow that night, instead of a sigh of burn out and exasperation, I gave a sigh of relief and contentment. A deep thirst had been quenched. I felt seen, valued, and connected once again. I hadn't even realized that my tank was on E...that is, until it started to be filled again.

That's what the remainder of my weekend has been about- filling my tank again. It's been about identifying all the ways I pour out and how few ways I replenish. It's been about reflecting on the relationships that happen easily and the ones that drain and feel like work. It's been about validating who I am and what I need rather than suppressing my deepest needs. I need love. We all do. But extra opportunities for love and connection are vital on the weeks when I have more demands. Basically, it comes down to a truth I've known, but often forget. If we hope to have anything to give anyone else, we need to be filled first.